The Refuge Animal Sanctuary

working for the welfare of animals
  For our future, we envision building and maintaining a lifetime care facility for animals suffering from illness, starvation and all forms of animal cruelty. We now have community education programs regarding humane animal care that are integrated into the local school curriculums. We wish to emphasize that the reduction in animal cruelty also reduces the cruelty and violence to humans and that the humane treatment of animals directly reflects upon the societies’ treatment of its people.  
  We stress that the proliferation of unwanted animals is a burden on the environment and ecology of this beautiful area. We do provide low or no cost spay and neuter services through clinics and with local vets. We hope that one day, due to the decrease in the animal populations, those that are born will be treasured and enjoy a safe and healthy life.  
  The Refuge Animal Sanctuary is an organization formed to increase the services of “Amigos de los Animales”, our Mexican non-profit, and other animal affiliated groups in Baja California Sur. We are working to help abused and homeless animals in the area. We exist totally on the donations of kind tourists and the pocketbooks of those of us doing the work.  
  Our dedicated volunteers realized that the critical need for humane animal care required a more organized approach and more services offered on a full-time basis. We became the Refuge Animal Sanctuary. We officially incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Colorado in 2002 and we now have received our 501 (c)(3) from the I.R.S. giving us the ability to receive tax deductible contributions. We receive no assistance from the Mexican government.  
For more information about the refuge please email us at:
PO Box 11833, Aspen, CO., 81612


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